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Welcome To Two Dragons Karate

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Teaching Karate Safely and Properly to Kids, Teens and Adults Since 1994!

In order to be your best, you must train with the best. For over 21 years, the instructors at Two Dragons Karate have been teaching martial arts in a fun, safe and energetic setting like no other.

From 4 year olds to adults of all ages, we have a proven track record of safe and effective instruction, all the while fostering a family-friendly atmosphere.

Martial Arts Can Be For Everyone, No Matter What Age or Experience Level!

Whether you are trained in martial arts or it is your first time, we have the know-how and expertise to help you develop techniques and skills related to martial arts, self-defense and much more. We have classes for all levels and all ages.

With each action-packed, exciting class at Two Dragons Karate, you will learn how to:

  • Stretch and Condition Safely and Properly
  • Perform Age-Appropriate Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises
  • Defend Yourself In Real World Situations
  • Get Into the Best Physical Shape of Your Life
  • Have a Blast Safely and Healthily

Martial Arts: Good for the Mind, Body and Soul

After only a few classes with us at Two Dragons Karate, you’ll notice a drastic boost in your self-esteem, a greater level of confidence, improved concentration and much more. Kids will learn about important values, such as respect, patience, integrity and self-control. Students will likely see an improvement in grades while adults will benefit from work-related improvements. You’ll be able to begin applying the techniques and skills that we teach you in class to situations in your everyday life.

Make Martial Arts Part of Your Life Today!

Taking that first step may be hard, but it will all be worth it in the end when you are able to reap the benefits that our martial arts classes can offer you.


Karate Helps Everyone Involved

Since 1994 Two Dragons Karate has served more than 20,000 Men Women and Children in the greater Pierce County Area. Thousands of Families, Adults, Children and people with Special needs

as well as members of the Military and Law Enforcement have found a home at Two Dragons Karate. REAL KARATE practice helps students and parents in many aspects of life.

What If Everyone Did Karate

We believe the practice of REAL KARATE has no down side. All participants and their family members benefit from the experience. More Focus, Respect, Discipline and Confidence is a good thing. In fact happier people are more successful people. Surrounding ourselves with positive successful people important.


ADD, ADHD and AUTISM diagnosis is becoming more and more common. Our professionally trained coaches and instructors teach fun beneficial classes that help children and adults learn to avoid distraction. All students absorb life’s daily lessons better after experiencing our REAL KARATE CLASSES. This helps them stay engaged in the challenging mental and physical experiences of daily life. The benefits of REAL KARATE carry over into school for children and the work place for adults. This helps all of our students grow to be their personal best. Please read the real and honest testimonials regarding the work we do with children, teens and adults. Some people are very focused and naturally headed for success. For these people experiencing our award winning Leadership classes sharpen their natural abilities to their own personal best.


Respect for our piers, siblings, co-workers, grandparents and each other in general is at an all time low in our country. If you watch a movie or read a book from the 1940s or 1950s it has a different feel than today’s enormous quantity of media garbage being force fed into our children and society. The respectful environment experienced during all of our REAL KARATE CLASSES encourages respectful and kind behavior.


Self Discipline is learned through discipline. Naturally all people want to take the “easy way”, especially children. As most adults have learned, the easy way is not always the easy way. Few things are a substitute for   good work ethic. I think all parents want their children to have good work ethic. Our classes support your good parenting in ways that very few experiences can. Becoming a REAL BLACK-BELT in a good karate school has life-long benefits like nothing else. Imagine how you would feel right now if you achieved a 1st degree Black-Belt before you graduated high school. Giving this gift to your child or yourself will make a positive difference in all aspects of life.


Bullies want to tear you down mentally, spiritually and physically. They can cause you or your child serious physical and or psychological injury that can last a lifetime. Our proven self defense curriculum is taught at varying levels in the different programs we offer. For instance, using strong body language and a loud “STOP, STOP, DON’T TOUCH ME” is taught in all classes however the most dangerous techniques are taught in adult and advanced classes. Misuse of the powerful self defense techniques taught at Two Dragons Karate is not tolerated. If you or any member of your family is being bullied we have the answer.


This subject encompasses every part of life. If you believe teaching children to behave like young Gentleman and Ladies is important, then you have found a home at Two Dragons Karate. Physical fitness and healthier lifestyle choices through setting and achieving real but challenging goals with a winning “I-CAN” attitude teaches that there is a greater good and it is worth working for. Eliminating procrastination and growing a “Self-Starter” mentality is exactly what REAL KARATE does. Isn’t that what you want for your yourself and your children?


Confidence is different than esteem, however they can go hand in hand. Suffering from low esteem causes a lack of self-confidence. Imagine how your child will feel when they break their 1st karate board. Or think how you will feel when you earn your first karate belt. Nothing builds confidence like setting and achieving real but challenging goals. The nurturing environment of our rewarding classes foster the spiritual growth necessary to live a confident and peaceful life. Most of us do things because we feel like it. Feeling your best is a by-product of training with us.


It’s common knowledge that the practice of karate, at a good school, is physically beneficial. Good stretching habits, cardio and the building of lean muscle is key to keeping your body healthy but that’s only one part of fitness. Developing the confidence and self-discipline to mentally, emotionally and spiritually thrive in today’s society is important, especially for our children as they grow and develop into young adults. Few experiences have the impact of quality karate training. Martial Artists are some of the most well rounded of all athletes.

Our Instructors

Every Two Dragons Karate instructor is trained to the minimum level of second degree. Black Belt and certified by Black-Belt schools international. Black Belt Schools international hosts instructor colleges all over the country. Each of our instructors had graduated beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of instructor training. With ADD, ADHD and Autism prevalent in today’s society, karate instructors need special training and experiences to ensure the maximum benefits for all students.   With over 100 years of combined teaching experience you can rest assured that your children will gain the benefits you seek in your Martial arts experience at Two Dragons Karate.